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Financial Strategy


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We combine deep financial expertise with intentionality.

As experts in Accounting, Finance, Tax, HR & Operational strategy, we bring our corporate experience, strategic resources and knowledge of tech tools and automations to help growing corporations to maximize their team's value.

Our experts will help leadership with the strategy and work with your team members work efficiently, leverage your current tech stack, implement automation, get your team's roles documented, training library created and employee financial education benefits setup to help them be successful in their role and in their life!

Your revenues soar once you know what implement what your team needs to be succesful.

How We Help Clients

Professional Team of Experts with over 20+ years of combined Corporate, Nonprofit & Small Business Expertise

Guided Financial Strategy at Various Budget Levels

Sales Planning & Projection Strategy

Outsourced CFO & Accounting Solutions

Employee Financial Education Resources

HR Consulting & Payroll Support

Operations & Systems Automations

Lanesha Mohip, MBA, MHRM
Finance Speaker | Workshop Facilitator | Financial Educator | CFO

– Founder, Polished Business Solutions

Polished CFO
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About Us

Our why

Since high school, I was always curious how money truly worked. I was taught how to manage the transactions for many Fortune 500 companies but was never really given the tools I needed to be successful in the workplace.

Much of the Accounting industry culture is 'sink or swim'. We want to greatly change the culture. We are seeing a mass exit of accounting and tax professionals who are burned out from toxic work cultures that continue to replicate itself because new leaders are nurturing the same 'sink or swim' mindset in their teams and hiring practices.

Just like many employees, I look back and wish someone would have shared with me more about how to be successful in my roles, provided guided training and tools for reference to continue to nurture my professional growth.

Suffering at work and not making it financially as a taxpayer should not be a joint concern of your team members.

You team should be aware of how to be successful and productive in their role as a minimum standard in every industry, yet we are seeing more mental health issues arising from toxic work environments.

We seek to be a leading consulting firm that helps leadership teams understand their company's formula for creating financially successful CEOs and support their team of productive specialists who dedicate their time to fulfilling the company's mission.

Our goal

Be your strategic partner in providing the tools, strategy and expertise your frustrated team members need to be less stressed outside of work and more productive while on the clock!

Why Us?

Get Guided

Financial & Operational Strategy

without the waste!

Employees are rethinking how they invest their time and skillset.

We need employees to carry out the mission of organizations and generate revenues.

The pandemic revealed to employees how to prioritize what matters most to them stable income and sustainable lifestyle balance.

We seek to support leaders:

*who want their teams to thrive and not just survive every month

*who understand the importance of reviewing their operational costs, profit goals

*who create morale-boosting financial education resources bundled in your corporate benefits

*who knows they have little to non-existent documentation or training for their team roles training for their roles

*who seek to change their chaotic disorganized environments and no effective plan for them to be professionally and financially successful.

Strategies We Provide



CFO Strategy & Accounting

Stop missing deadlines and your profit goals. Let us provide additional support to your

Finance & Accounting teams.


Full Team Onboarding Improvement

Improve your welcome and exit experience for team members with ease, automation and support.



Training Documentation

Stop forcing new team members to sink in overwhelm. Get your key roles documented, tasks organized & create a video training library for cross-training.


Employee Financial Education & Planning

Get quarterly financial education, resources, training and seminars provided to your team members on as an in-person, virtual or self-paced course available as they need it.



Systems Efficiency

Our Operations Expert will audit your workflows and help you implement efficiencies and increase productivity with automations.


HR Consulting & Strategy

Get HR Compliance, Time and Attendance & Payroll Processing across the United States with a high-touch approach.


Your Company's largest investment


Invest in improving your company culture!

"Corporations should invest in their team members workflows and productivity experience while providing financial education resources and tools for employees so they can focus on their genius at work not their financial gaps outside of work." - Lanesha Mohip

Strategic Revenue Planning & Finance Team Training

Leverage team-building and communication to get every department on the same page with Accounting & Finance's needs.
Bring finance consultants into operational areas to cleanup messes, minimize chaos, get caught up projects, help leaders understand targets, metrics and thresholds and how to increase their financial acumen as the approver of their profit or cost center.

Training Documentation

A growing list of daily tasks and projects that are not organized or prioritized can feel overwhelming and exhausting for productive team members who work with structure and support. Showing your employees how you value their work by standardizing critical tasks with documentation, SOPs and efficiencies coupled with an accessible training gives more meaning to your team and their growing list of responsibilities.

Team Financial Education

Many employees work for money to improve their lives. Others work to invest in their passions outside of work. Employees who know their why have a better understanding of how their professional life and personal life contribute to each other. Minimize their stress with in-house financial literacy & education resources to maximize their work benefits.

Client Feedback

Our Clients Reviews


Omouzuwa Seymour-El

Founder & Operator | Raw Talent & Performing Arts NFP

"My experience with Lanesha has been incredible. Over the past year, she’s offered some amazing advice to help us grow our entire organization and given me clarity when needed in budgeting and programming. I’m a firm believer that she is the needed piece we were missing. I’m excited to start our new journey of financial bliss in our NFP."


Brittany Porter

Founder & CEO | Pretty Girl Fitness

"Owning a gym for the past two years has been hectic. I hired Lanesha and her team to help me organize my teams roles and responsibilities. We met over Zoom and she had a plan for my center. Her team is creative, organized and listened to my goals with intention. Book her ASAP. You won't regret it."


Shana Adams

Administrative Assistant | RobertHalf

"Our team was hitting a roadblock in recruiting new Accounting consultants.

I recommended Lanesha to our VP to host a workshop to teach our recruiters how to connect with Finance & Accounting professionals and it was a hit!"


Eboni Wallace

HR Strategist | Wintrust Bank

"Lanesha's team went above and beyond for our financial wellness series. Her team provided 1:1 sessions with our employees and got them comfortable asking questions about our company's retirement plan without them feeling judged. We will be booking her firm again!"

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